7.500,00 د.إ

This device was designed and developed to help explorers analyze confidentiality in the locations of burials and treasures, in order to determine the quantity and action of the target, based on measurements.

Performed by the device to give an estimated value of the target stone.

the components

The control unit containing the advice terminal: 7V 1781mA 3 brake unit or ground boy equipped with a screen to read the data

D The connection cable between the ground unit and the ground unit is a dedicated charger

The device will quickly reach us and work with all types of soils, terrains and climates

Complete complement each other

This device is considered the easiest to operate, as it is distinguished by its light weight, size price, and God’s ease with color

Proximity financial output

Dimensions of the control unit:, type 12, 128 cm

Internal lithium-ion battery, forces 100 mAir and said the main unit announced 100 tractors after the hermetic unit


Technology explanation

It works on the extent of the overflow of the physical values of education, so that it adopts special equations to determine the extent of the most soil

To surround the target with the type of burial

Estimating the work after taking four individuals in a square shape, the length of the inter baldness, so that the king who is directed is in the center of the square

That his nest is high in the stream

D One of the historical readings made the continuous target and the target stone a fixed gain per square meter

method of the future

Similar, you link the control unit with the measurement unit through the general agent. You have to operate the device from the control unit and any work. This shoulder is then for the control unit. START. Follow the instructions on the screen so that the region of India is located in a summer square whose side length is an order. You take the first village for the case, provided that

clarity on the screen

Once again in the control unit, and upon completion of the upper mirror 1841, the complementary equilibrium movement of the shield and the unit of Al-Faraid in the soil and the flat on the

A sign showing the moving screen of Sarah Sta 7, Marwana, a new relationship

Same way and then back. For one to read the parish and illiteracy to develop the second beyond God and show the universal wish and promising the final product

Pursue the accuracy of the work of the device

Detection and extent of his understanding and the college of work

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