CAM 5000 plus

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The technology of this camera includes all the specifications and features of the previous cameras, and it is distinguished from them by a wide range of new features, which are larger in size for the display screen, which gives it a very pure and clear picture, as well as gives a detailed picture of the earth map in terms of showing voids, corridors, basements, stairs, and locations of precious targets, in addition to the power of batteries and work grants With the camera for a very long time and it also charges quickly
Say goodbye now to all the traditional exploration devices and unleash now a new and completely different experience from what is prevalent in the world of devices and equipment, and enjoy the luxury of modern and fun exploration with the amazing camera CAM 5000, which captures and explores with innovative modern systems and very new digital sensor systems.
Our factories in Germany and America took it upon themselves to sponsor a new and different project whose mission is to manufacture and develop this modern camera and undertake intensive and continuous development on it so that it will have different models in the near future with a greater, wider and more comprehensive development.

device specifications :
After extensive experiments and studies were carried out for a period of 3 years, this magical camera has proven its worth in exploration and excavation work for gold, treasures, precious metals, groundwater and caves.
The camera operates at levels with high and accurate electronic signals that are translated into video indicators, through which all levels of precious targets appear on the miniature and televised screen with high accuracy and quality.
The piercing eye can present the road map to the explorer through its absolute sensitivity and the possibility of good value in exploration and distances and depths that are not negligible by employing the unconventional path to transmit digital X-ray radiation and laser infrared radiation into electronic energy, which in turn gives and shows the clear, wonderful and excellent path performance for explorer.
This camera offers the best technological innovation in the whole world to detect and explore gold, treasures and relics under the surface of the earth and challenges the difficulties in providing a clear visual vision of the targets.
This camera offers a wide field of view and unique features that are not available in any other device through the newly innovative technology.

Practical features and functions:
Durable, economical, streamlined, light in weight, small in size, easy to use, accurate perfect performance,
1 – The camera works in many different fields, the most important of which is detection
(Treasures, gold, silver, relics, diamonds, precious stones, meteorites, caves, spaces, entrances, water)
2- The piercing eye detects a frontal range of up to 7000 square meters
3- The piercing eye detects depths of up to 70 meters, and water detects depths of more than 750 meters.
4- A very clear image with automatic control.
5- This detector is considered a self-adapting and controlling machine that is resistant to different weather factors.
6 – Its internal battery is rechargeable for two hours and lasts more than a week of work, as well as the external one.
7- It does direct imaging, and there is no need for analysis, storage and calibration at all
8 – It allows explorers to make easy and flexible discoveries without adventure and relocation.
9-The piercing eye summons all explorers to possess it towards a better exploration and a dazzling and amazing future.
10- The camera, through the light and sound indicators integrated into the device’s systems, helps the user quickly to unify the systems to give the central point and a clear picture of the target with a real and live geophysical system for the target location.
11- The Piercing Eye has the FBA system, which provides highly sensitive thermal images that allow the user to determine geographical changes in locations and where gold and treasures are located.
12- This camera is scanned quickly and very convenient, making it easier for explorers to scan areas that traditional devices cannot reach.
13 – This camera identifies and documents the true targets of the treasures and determines their quality, size and depth very accurately.
14- This camera is considered safe and maintains itself and its user through the ASA system, which makes itself adapts to its surroundings safely, from sunlight and different temperatures, and works in all types of environment and different climates.
14 – This piercing eye works day and night with the same efficiency, as it has the HPR feature, which gives it complete harmony and harmony to present the visible spectrum of infrared rays, lasers, signals, waves, and various radiations with the same energy and strength at all times.


Device components and functions:
1- The main unit, which is in the form of a pistol and is integrated with the screen.
2- The front acoustic sensor number 1, which is mounted on the unit from the side.
3- 4 sensors to capture signals, which are located inside the main unit.
4- Chargers number 1
5- The key to turn the camera on and off, which is for direct photography, separate from the key to turn on the lighting and sound indicators. This key is next to the external battery case and is considered the main one.
6- The control and confirmation key (MENU-), and when pressed, it gives you multiple options on the screen to detect according to your request.
7- The select enter key, which is for selection and approval.
8- The other four keys, which have arrows to move around.
9- The side operating switch with the external battery to give power and additional power to detect targets.
11- At the top of the device there are 3 visual indicators that light up and give different signals with sound to determine the direction of the target and increase gradually when reaching it.
12 – The main red menu key to turn on the camera.
13-When pressing the power button once, it gives the OK key
14- Detection by the automatic long-range sensing system Automatic target detection feature By choosing this feature, a box appears on the screen that automatically heads to the detected target.
15- Putting the choice of the sonar detection system or the 3D colors is very useful. It should always be put on the selection at all times.
16-Choose to detect the depths you want, up to 95 meters in the program.
17-German industry and global guarantee.

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This burning camera is characterized as the easiest, most accurate, and fastest in performance, and it is guaranteed to work accurately, as it is characterized by light weight and small size.
For the size and ease of performance and contains a complete set of fibers that complement each other to give accurate results
This camera works with an infrared system, which is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 0.7 and 300 micrometers, which is approximately equivalent to the frequency range between 1 and 400 terahertz. And energy from -20 to 450 degrees Celsius
The electromagnetic spectrum of this camera is a group of electromagnetic waves and particles emitted at different wavelengths and frequencies, and this spectrum is divided into seven places arranged according to decreasing wavelength and increasing energy and frequency
Among the electromagnetic rays of this camera are infrared, ultraviolet, radio waves and microwaves known
It is characterized by a direct imaging system that does not require analysis and storage, and it has a USB port
It features a memory card to save photos and videos for later reference.
It features an imaging sonar system to filter out impurities and confirm valuable targets.
It is characterized by transmitting and receiving waves, radiations, and rapid vital frequencies to capture the ground detection of water 750 meters
Front range: 7000 square meters
1 x rechargeable battery
German industry, 5 years warranty
The default is 25 years
remote targets and reach them.
It is characterized by the presence of the precise directional ionic sonic sensor to reach targets with absolute ease.
Ground depth of the device: 70 meters

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