Its device is the perfect solution to get rid of the cloak of fatigue and fake fake devices spread, and in this technology the device provides an integrated package, as its long list of features includes a comfortable exploration experience and an active. motionless system that does not consume much battery and it is the only device that works with all important and approved detection systems, It was designed to be smooth, streamlined, flexible, and accurate in movement and work. The device occupies the forefront among exploration and exploration devices. This luxurious device combines driving pleasure, comfort, advanced technology, practical specifications, and elegant design in one package. It also enjoys a strong start that the explorer gets by simply pressing the button,This device is the best-selling in all parts of the world, German and the United States of America, and in fact it is powerful and suitable for all types of exploration work, while the device came with a lighter weight and more power, and this device also got a number of smart specifications such as the new ionic system and the remote sensing system as well. The advanced electromagnetic system, in addition to the super direct comprehensive scanning system, the depth and quantity measurement system, the positioning system, the 3D imaging system, and the detection system for determining the location by Gps, that this device is the result of many, many positive developments that deserve trust and give it the best device for exploring targets in the world without The need for experience, contemporary or training.

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The device is characterized as the lightest, fastest and most accurate in the world of detection and exploration devices. It is also equipped with miniature electronic systems and sensors. It has the great ability to send electronic radiation spectra to work with all exploratory systems in an automatic way to reach the target quickly and locate it accurately. This device is characterized by It is the newest and the best in the world on all devices because it contains precise electronic components that make it the device of the age, but rather the miracle of the

age, undisputed or competitor.

The new global German technology specialized in detecting gold, treasures, burials,

vacuum caves and groundwater, in addition to 7 elements. Modern German technology that allows you to discover gold to

a depth of 15 meters and a frontal survey of 500 meters The fast and convenient scanning technology makes this device the first in the world in terms of its small size, light weight, speed and accuracy of performance.

A new device, new systems, and direct imaging technology.

The device works with several different systems, the most important of which are the technology of treasures, gold, raw gold, silver, bronze, and vacuum caves to a depth of 10 meters and scanning 3,500 km2 with a high-precision and sensitive filter system The device was equipped with a special filter in order to purify the signals from any impurities and filter them by 100%. The Frequency Chamber was equipped with a very modern technology that is not available in the traditional devices.

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