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This device has a practical and scientific device complete with all the specifications that explorers around the world are looking for, and despite its small size, the device explores targets from great distances and great depths with unparalleled speed and accuracy, and it has many standard specifications to occupy the first place as the best small exploration device size in the world.

The device enjoys a good reputation as the first in the world, as it spread quickly, and also with the new complete update, the device got an elegant design with much better control and a lower rate of device battery consumption. Among the new standard specifications, there is a system of warning, purification, and filtering of imaginary targets.

Our device is the perfect solution to get rid of the cloak of fatigue and imitation devices that are widespread, and in this technology the device provides an integrated package, as its long list of features includes a comfortable detection experience and an active motion system that does not consume much battery and it is the only device that works with all important and approved detection systems

It was designed to be smooth, streamlined, flexible, and accurate in movement and work. The device occupies the forefront among exploration and exploration devices, as this luxurious device combines driving pleasure, comfort, advanced technology, practical specifications, and elegant design in one package. It also enjoys a strong start that the explorer gets by simply pressing a button. Employment.

This device is the best selling all over the world and Germany
And the United States of America. In fact, it is strong and suitable for all types of exploration work, while the device came with a lighter weight and greater strength. This device also obtained a number of smart specifications such as the new ionic system, the remote sensing system, as well as the advanced electromagnetic system, in addition to the super direct comprehensive scanning system and the measuring system Depth, quantity, center determination, 3D imaging system, and GPS location detection system
This device is the result of many, many positive developments that deserve confidence and give it the best device for exploring targets in the world without the need for experience, calibration or training.

This device adapts automatically and quickly to work with all types of soil, terrain, and climate. It self-calibrates with itself without disturbing any type of electrical. It isolates all kinds of impurities, volcanic, thermal, mineral, and basaltic rocks, impurities, and metals. It also separates unwanted things clearly.

Advantages :
This device is characterized by being the easiest, most accurate, and fastest in performance, and the content of the work accurately. It is also characterized by light weight, small size, and ease of performance. It contains a complete environmental group that complement each other to give accurate results. Important and valuable in the soil and determines its location to the fullest.
The device is characterized as the lightest, fastest and most accurate in the world of detection and exploration devices. It is also equipped with miniature electronic systems and sensors that have the great ability to send electronic radiation spectra to work with all exploratory systems in an automatic way to reach the target quickly and locate its location accurately.
This device is characterized as the latest and the best in the world over all devices because it contains precise electronic components that make it the best in international standards and standards in the work and activities of measurement and testing.
Characteristics and functions:
The functions of this device are specialized in searching, surveying and detecting with new, more accurate and vital systems to find the required targets in the best way, especially searching for
1- Archaeological gold 2- Raw gold 3- Fresh water 4- Space 5- Silver 6- Diamond 7- Meteorites 8- Mercury 9- Lulu 10- Amethyst stone 11- Blue agate 12- Emerald 13- Jasper stone 14- Ruby 15- Treasures -16- Antiquities 17- Precious stones.
This device works with an electromagnetic radiation detection system, a frequency sensor detection system, sound systems, tracking with modern programs, tracking with audio, digital, and optical indicators, a satellite detection system, a 3D imaging detection system, and it also contains very many systems and programs, a multi-detection system for elements, detection of the frontal dimension of targets before reaching them, and detection of depths targets directly
The electromagnetic spectrum of this device is a group of electromagnetic waves and particles emitted at different wavelengths and frequencies, and this spectrum is divided into 15 different elements in different arranged places according to the decrease in wavelength and increase in energy and frequency, and among the electromagnetic rays of this device are infrared and ultraviolet rays ultraviolet rays, radio waves, and microwaves known as microwaves.
It is characterized by a direct exploration system for all systems and elements that does not require analysis and storage
It is characterized by the presence of a distinct sensor system through the various sensors in the device and the phenomenon in the device’s interface.
It features an advanced detection system to filter out impurities and confirm valuable targets.
It is characterized by sending and receiving waves, radiation, and rapid vital frequencies to capture remote targets and reach them with complete accuracy.
It is distinguished by the presence of the precise guidance ionic acoustic sensor system to reach targets with absolute ease.
The ground depth of the device: 120 meters for minerals and elements, and for fresh water it detects 2500 meters
Front range: 3 thousand square meters
The external battery can be replaced or charged upon request. In the case of charging, it can be placed in charging for two hours and works for 7 days or more.
The device is specialized in detecting more than 15 minerals and one of the most important and valuable minerals and elements in the soil, which are in the following classification: gold – raw gold – silver – fresh water – space – diamonds – precious stones – meteorites – mercury – the

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