DM 3000

16.500,00 د.إ

The device is the pinnacle of exploratory miracles and is updated with this upgraded version to always be the first
The device detects various materials and elements, up to 8 of them
Archaeological gold – raw gold – silver – diamonds – underground caverns – precious stones – space – treasures

The new and impressive systems, which are more than 10 systems and more than 10 programs

The depth is 45 meters for minerals and 1000 meters for water
Front range 4500 thousand square meters
Made in Germany.


This device is characterized by being the easiest, most accurate, and fastest in performance. It guarantees accurate work. It is also characterized by light weight, zero size, and ease of performance. It contains:

It contains a complete technical group that complements each other to give accurate results, and it is characterized by being the best in various exploration works, as it can search

Surveying, detecting and prospecting for all the important and heavy metals and elements in the soil and determining their location to the fullest extent.


The device is characterized as the lightest in weight, the fastest in operation, and the most accurate in the world of detection and prospecting devices. It is also equipped with yellowish electronic systems and sensors that have the ability.

The large number of electronic radio spectrums to work with all exploratory systems in an automatic way to reach the target quickly and determine its location. Accurate, and this device is characterized by its newest and best in the world on all devices, because it contains precise electronic components that make the device of the age beautiful, but rather a miracle. The age is undisputed and unrivaled by the new world-class technology, which specializes in the detection of gold, treasures, burials, void caves, groundwater, and other elements. A modern German technology that allows you to discover gold to depths of 45 meters, frontal scanning of 4500 km 2. The fast and convenient scanning technique makes this device the first device in the world in terms of its small size, light weight, speed, and hope function.

New device, new systems and live imaging technology.

The device works with several different systems, the most important of which is the canalization of golden treasures, raw gold, silver, bronze, and vacuum caves to make forty-five meters and scans

4,500 km with a highly accurate and sensitive filter system, where the device is equipped with a special filter in order to purify the signals from any impurities and filter them 100%

The Frequency Chamber was equipped with a very modern technology that is not available in the traditional devices

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The device operates on a very large group of exploratory systems and programs, the number of which exceeds 100 systems and more than 10 connected programs, some of which do not grant. It has a range of 4000 km 2 with the feature of determining the work for direct targets. It detects groundwater to depths of 10,000 meters. Through these international specifications, the explorer can work in all types of soil and all terrains, and the reason for this is that the device is not affected by the type of soil. Nor the intensity of immersion in it, just as the device can cancel the magnetic field in the soil and surrounding conditions to God, and thus it is the first device in the world that can work from all different environmental conditions, no matter how harsh and rugged, in addition to that it does not need any. And training, balance, or absolute harmony, as it does this to meet us, and any tug can practice detection through it because it is fully automatic.

Technology explanation
The device is equipped with very modern technologies for the detection of gold and buried metals, and integrated systems between static and electromagnetic energy: and the long-range frontal scan.. There is no doubt that heavy metals form positive magnetic fields, and vacuum caves form negative magnetic fields. Thus, we can detect minerals and butterflies to depths of up to 45 meters through sensors and radars integrated with the sensor attached to the device, which is capable of penetrating and improving magnetic solutions formed as a result of the presence of buried metal or caves, butterflies, and groundwater, device features This device was produced with a new and unique design that is completely different from all other traditional devices. Thus, we have reached the golden generation of devices. The detection has been manufactured in a professional, innovative, modern way to be highly efficient and capable and to be suitable for all people who use the device and explorers, whether it is a regular user or experts in exploration, and it is also suitable for exploration and exploration companies. Or the day, the coldness and the times of heat.

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