Super GPR 1000

24.000,00 د.إ

Made in Germany 

We present this comprehensive, complete, and even integrated device that includes all exploratory systems and other new systems, as well as detecting 28 elements. It is the device that is absolutely unparalleled.


Today, we offer the greatest modern developments and innovations in the world of exploration in this amazing device, which is a miracle of devices and exploration. It is the smallest device in the world, and includes its specifications, features, and capabilities that are not found in any other device. What we are witnessing today in terms of innovation means that you do not have to compromise between luxury and comfort anymore.

The biggest evidence of this is the advanced technology in this device to give you the discovery

of the required targets with complete comfort and accuracy.

The search for the fundamentals necessary to achieve a “more refined and sophisticated”

comfortable exploration performance led to the significant development of this completely new device.

The device confirms the achievement of impressive results in exploration operations in a short time.

An integrated suite of technologies puts the exploration journey in focus. Intelligent internal sensors provide clear and enhanced background and vision of the required

targets. This device has a practical and complete operation with all the specifications that explorers

around the world are looking for, and despite its small size, the device explores targets from great

distances and great depths with unparalleled speed and accuracy, and it has many standard specifications to occupy the first place as the best small exploration device size in the world. The device enjoys a good reputation as the first in the world as it spread quickly and also with the new complete update, the device got an elegant design with much better control and a lower rate of device battery consumption. Among the new standard specifications there is a system of warning, purification and filtering of imaginary targets.

Our device is the perfect solution to get rid of the cloak of tiredness and imitation devices that are

widespread, and in this technology the device provides an integrated package, as its long list of

features includes a comfortable exploration experience and an active motor system that does not

consume a lot of energy, and it is the only device that works with all the important and approved detection systems It was designed to be smooth, streamlined, flexible, and accurate in movement and work. The device occupies the forefront among exploration and discovery devices. This luxurious device combines driving pleasure, comfort, advanced technology, practical specifications, and elegant design in one package. It also enjoys a strong launch that the explorer gets by simply pressing on the play button. This device is the best-selling all over the world, Germany and the United States of America, and in fact it is powerful and suitable for all types of exploration work, while the device came with a

lighter weight and more power, and this device also got a number of smart specifications such as

the new ionic system and the remote sensing system as well The advanced electromagnetic

system, in addition to the super direct comprehensive scanning system, the depth and quantity

measurement system, the positioning system, and the 3D imaging system.

This device is the result of many, many positive developments that deserve confidence and give it


This device adapts automatically and quickly to work with all types of soil, terrain, and climate. It self-calibrates with itself without disturbing any type of electrical. It isolates all kinds of impurities, volcanic, thermal, mineral, and basaltic rocks, impurities, and metals. It also separates unwanted

things clearly.


This device is characterized by being the easiest, most accurate, and fastest in performance, and the content of the work accurately, as it is characterized by light weight, small size, ease of performance, and contains a complete environmental group that complement each other to give accurate results, and it is characterized as the best in various exploration works, as it can search, survey, detect, and explore for all minerals And the important and valuable elements in the soil

and determines their location to the fullest. Specifications:

The device is characterized as the lightest, fastest and most accurate in the world of detection and exploration devices. It is also equipped with miniature electronic systems and sensors. It has the great ability to send electronic radiation spectra to work with all exploratory systems in an automatic way to reach the target quickly and locate it accurately. This device is characterized as The newest and the best in the world on all devices because it contains precise electronic components that make it a device of the age, but rather a miracle of the age, undisputed or

competitor. The new global German technology specialized in detecting gold, treasures, burials, vacuum caves

and groundwater, In addition to 29 elements.

Modern German technology that allows you to discover gold to depths of 17 meters, frontal scan M1000 The fast and convenient scanning technology makes this device the first in the world in terms of

its small size, light weight, speed and accuracy of performance. A new device, new systems, and direct imaging technology. The device works with several different systems, the most important of which is the technology of gold treasures, gold, ore, silver, bronze, vacuum caves to a depth of M17 meters, and the M1000 scan with a high-precision and sensitive filter system. The device was equipped with a special filter for the technology The signals are free from any impurities and filtered by 100%, and the Frequency Chamber device is equipped with a very modern technology that is not available in the widespread traditional devices. Technology explanation:

The device is equipped with very modern techniques for detecting gold and buried minerals, and integrated systems between static electrical energy, electromagnetic energy, and long-range frontal scanning.. There is no doubt that the buried minerals form positive magnetic fields, and void caves form negative magnetic fields, and therefore we can detect minerals and voids to depths of up to 17 meters Meter through sensors and radars integrated with the sensor attached to the device and capable of penetrating and sensing the magnetic fields formed as a result of the presence of buried metal or caves, voids and groundwater.

Device features:

This device was produced with a new and unique design that is completely different from all other traditional devices, and thus we have reached the golden generation of detection devices. Experts times.

How to work and explore:

We hold the device straight parallel to the soil and operate the device through the power switch, and then the screen of the device is the indicative panel for surveying any information you want that appears directly on the screen without any selection or programming, and through the screen that shows all and complete information directly, it is the illustrative map to reach the goal And

know all his data.

And when you want to take pictures, you connect the device with the mobile phone attached to

the device. It is an optional system. You click on the screen and choose the program to work with

the GPS system, the modern voice search system, the 3D imaging system, or the magnetic imaging

system, which comes in a zigzag shape

رمز المنتج: 17 التصنيفات: ,

The device works on a very large group of exploratory systems and programs, the number of which exceeds 10 systems and more than 15 programs connected to each other to give the device a professional performance in hunting treasures

Many detection programs are all in the results and requests of the explorer, namely: Discovery of gold or golden treasures Discovery of raw or natural gold Discovery of bronze or

bronze treasures Discovery of silver or silver treasures Discovery of void caves tunnels_ catacombs ancient tombs and groundwater

It detects a depth of 17 meters and a frontal range of 1000 meters, with the feature of

determining the depth of targets directly. And discovers groundwater to depths of 1000 meters

Through these international specifications, the explorer can work in all types of soil and all terrains, and the reason for this is that the device is not affected by the type of soil or the intensity

of magnetization in it, and the device can cancel the magnetic noise in the soil and the

surrounding conditions to 0%, and thus it is the first device in the world Who can work in all

different environmental conditions, no matter how harsh and bumpy they are, in addition to that

he does not need any experience, programming, training, balance or tuning.

Absolute where it does this automatically and anyone can practice detection through it because it

is fully automatic.


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